Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beth Says Duh!

According to our tour book, Bethesda isn't actually a city because it has no border.  Whether or not this is true or if it is just a Wikipedia falcity, I can say that Bethesda is certainly a great place to be. (insert Michigan Men verse)

I had a great time today.  We had a few hours of free time before the Holton-Arms performance.  A group of clubbers and I decided to jump on the metro. Why not?   I have always enjoyed metros in large cities.  It seems to be a subculture eminating below streetlevel.  It certainly speaks to the character of the people in the city.  I've never been on a metro car where people take turns exiting and entering.  What manners!  We ventured to Dupont circle and took a couple pictures around the fountain, grabbed a coffee and croissant, and explored the area for a bit.  There are some very interesting buildings.  The row houses were well kept and colorful.  It's fun to see old buildings, that is, old in the American sense.

A couple other clubbers have shared our experiences both at Holton-Arms and Walt Whitman.  I too was impressed by the song the HA girls sang for us.  Talking to a few of them at lunch, it is amazing the academic fortitude they have at such a young age.  Ms. Pagenstecher has built an amazing program there and should be highly commended for her abilities.  Her choir had great stage presence and unbelievable diction.

At Walt Whitman, we performed for a great audience.  Plenty of wolverines and quite a few club alums filled the crowd and we thouroughly enjoyed ourselves onstage.  I only hope we could have been able to hear the Walt Whitman choirs sing a couple pieces.  I've heard that Mr. Davidson has built a great program and judging by the awards that filled the choir room, it is a well founded compliment.

I have greatly appreciated my host stay in Bethesda.  They have spoiled us with excellent food and certainly a dash of hospitality.  It's not often when you can feel completely welcomed and comfortable in someone else's home after a 10 minute car ride back to their house.

Tomorrow we head to the Big Apple.  I'm looking forward to another great concert tomorrow night in a truly fantastic venue.

In Tradition, Camraderie, and Musical Excellence,
Scott Venman

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