Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This must be how the Beatles felt! except with a lot fewer girls cheering...!

Today I beat even the early bird to the worm, waking up at 6:00 AM to devour several pancakes and strawberries before going to Walt Whitman to meet our bus to hang out in Bethesda before the Holton Arms School performance.  Making the most of our 2 hours, myself and several others made it to the Capitol and took some pictures... before we realized it was time to turn around for the gig!

Holton Arms School is an interesting place.  It is an all-girl school that teaches 3rd through 12th graders.  After passing the school's gate, UMMGC was directed into a building filled with student art and accolades.  We were introduced to the formidable Mrs. Pagenstacher, the school's choir director.  She told us about the history of the school as well as its high standards academically, athletically, and artistically.  She also greatly praised Dr. Rardin, who, while in Maryland, was a close professional colleague of Mrs. P.  I was glad that Glee Club could represent itself as well as Dr. Rardin well, especially when dealing with an old professional colleague.

The performance itself was an abbreviated UMMGC set.  We were working on a HS schedule after all.  After a short and well received set, we were treated with a selection from the Holton Arms group, which I might add was one of the best selections I have heard done by an all female choir, and these were high schoolers and younger to boot!  Although the Friars did not receive the deafening scream we all anticipated, when  we joined the Holton Arms ladies to sing Oba Se Je, at least I felt like a rock star.  I jumped up to the top riser and greeted the young lady on the end who timidly replied.  After the selection, I thanked the student for listening to us, sharing her music, and singing with us.  She graciously thanked me for coming as well.

Mrs. Pagenstacher summed up her ladies mood when she asked if there were questions aside from "Are they available?"  I can't help but smile.  Its like we were some kind of rock stars.

At lunch, UMMGC mingled with its hosts, meeting several young women who seemed to this clubber to be highly motivated students that undoubtably contributed to their powerhouse school's achievements.

The final event of note at Holton Arms was one of my favorite parts of Glee Club.  Spontaneous song.  Like a cloud forming in the sky, with some seed clubbers, the rest of the club condensed around the center of the cafeteria, breaking out in song and hailing King Jesus.  Here camaraderie really shines as we all come together sharing our love of song without a prompt or cue from a director.  When the girls left, I heard one saying how cool that was, and how it was like High School Musical.  She also claimed credit for inspiring our spontaneous glee.  Now not only were we rock stars, we also were like Disney movie stars as well...

On that note, we left Holton Arms, had a few minutes to ourselves, and then we headed to Walt Whitman.  

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