Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 2: Bethesda/Washington DC

WOW! What a great first concert. Well, we got back from our first concert of the tour at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, MD. The concert went really well and we sang nearly all of our repertoire tonight. As I write this blog it is thunderstorming outside, but at least the weather held up for a good portion of the day. 

We began our day bright and early (7:10 am ) when we arrived to catch the bus. We then proceeded to downtown Bethesda where a big group of people boarded the metro and headed down to Washington DC. A bunch of us visited the Capitol Building and took pictures and then headed back to Bethesda to Holton Arms School. This is an all-girls school and we were treated like rock stars.  After singing for the women at Holton Arms school and singing Oba Se Je with them, we had lunch with them and got to know how much academics are pushed at the school. Sing Praises to The King randomly broke out in the lunchroom and we were then compared to high school musical. We then drove down to the National Mall where some people went to take pictures and myself and small group of dudes went to visit the National Air and Space Museum. Our concert was next on the docket and we ended up having a long, but great concert and a GREAT audience. Before Carmina Juventutis, Doc referred to the piece as the three pillars of a college student's life. and referred the word wine with "the King of all beverages............the queen?........ (awkwardly) Duke?" It has been a great time here with Miles' and my host the Rosens and their son Alex who goes to Walt Whitman HS. We loved the first stop on tour and cannot wait to get to New York City...... "Start Spreading the News.... I'm leaving today" to go to NEW YORK!

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  1. Thanks for a great concert in NYC, guys. Video at:

    Next year in Ann Arbor!