Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 4: Free day in NYC

Today was an excellent day in the Big Apple. I spent a good part of the day with my big brother Iggy. He and I, after getting breakfast, headed to Rockefeller Center to the NBC Studios. We took a wonderful NBC Studios tour, which allowed us to see the great history of the National Broadcasting Company. While on the tour we got to be on the set of NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. While we were on the set they were broadcasting MSNBC Live and we got to see what goes into a live broadcast. The record for going on air with a breaking news story is 48 seconds. That includes getting the anchor to the desk, the cameras up and ready and the lighting perfect. We then continued on the tour where we got to see the set of Saturday Night Live. This was awesome because we got to see them load the sets into the studio. At the end of the tour, James (Iggy) and I got standby tickets to the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon; unfortunately we did not get to be a part of that experience. We did get to eat lunch at the world famous Carnegie Deli and trust me the sandwiches were huge.

We also got to walk around and take pictures of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which is absolutely beautiful.

Doc, Elliot, Joe W., Drew Smith, Ethan, Phil Viges, and myself headed to the Mets game versus the Pittsburgh Pirates. My prediction was that the Mets would win 7-2. The final score was 7-3, and we got to see a Michigan Alum, J.J. Putz, pitch for the Mets.

It was a great time and I really enjoyed the free time we had in NYC. A long bus ride ahead of us tomorrow down to High Point, NC.

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  1. Where did I go wrong raising a Red Sox Fan!!!!
    Go Detraught Tigers!!!