Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I can't tarry

After leaving at the very colligate-friendly 6:30 am, UMMGC started its glorious tour, truly beginning in a mix of half excitement and half sleep.  With minimal stops at such culinary luminaries as A&W root beer and Hardee's, UMMGC trudged dutifully eastward to Bethesda.

Around 5 pm, we arrived at a very damp Walt Whitman High School.  Matt Kodis and I were then kindly escorted to the home of the Dane family.  Their daugher, Rachel, was a singer in WWH's chorus, and they were kind enough to take us in.  Mrs. Shelly Dane took good care of us, making up lasagna.  Micheal Dane commented that we should stop by more often, so his wife would cook like that more often!

After that, the bus drive caught up with me.  Probably one of the few slow nights of tour...


  1. To leave at 6:30 PM and arrive at 5 PM is truly amazing time travel.

  2. And here you were making fun of me for saying I just wanted to go to the house and sleep!