Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welcome to the UMMGC East Coast Tour 2009 Blog

Alums, Family, and Friends,

Today, the UMMGC will embark on the 2009 East Coast Tour. This tour will be in celebration of the 149th year of Club. Furthermore, it will serve as a kickoff to our monumental 150th year. With this momentous landmark quickly approaching, the UMMGC seeks to find new and innovative ways to keep our alums and friends abreast of the experiences and happenings of current clubbers. During the tour, the UMMGC will introduce a new feature on the UMMGC website, www.ummgc.org, of an interactive blog which will chronicle various clubbers’ tour experience.

Eight clubbers have volunteered to blog about the performances, free time, and mayhem that ensue over the duration of their 2009 tour experience. These clubbers will post often and will recount their time spent at each tour stop. I invite you to follow the bus as we sweep our way up and down the East Coast.

In Tradition, Camaraderie, and Musical Excellence,

Scott Bradley Venman, 2009 East Coast Tour Manager
Matthew Griffith, 2009 East Coast Tour Publicity Co-Captain

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  1. Re: your movie "Airplane:" It still looks like a "big Tylenol." Your notes read that the trip started as usual where "tiring" sure feels tiring. But what a great opportunity for comaraderie and the making of new friends who will provide that long awaited benefit of home cooking. They, for sure, will appreciate your presence in their homes and your inspiring music-making tonight. Their heartfelt applause will provide the proof, if any is needed. Thanks much for your hard work this year and the personal sacrifices it required. I think you will agree, it was all well worth the effort. Go Blue!

    See you tonight.

    Ted Wybrecht, still along for the ride one more time.